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How do I remove duplicate files?

Sorting through your photos or even files is not an easy task, especially if you have hundreds or even thousands of images. CCleaner will do the hard work for you. It will detect duplicate files. It also has a registry scanner to correct most registry errors.


Download Duplicate file Cleaner for PC

Download Duplicate file Cleaner for Mac


Want to know what people have been doing on your computer?

LastActivityView is a tool for Windows operating system that collects information from various sources on a running system, and displays a log of actions made by the user and events. The activity includes: Running .exe file, Opening open/save dialog-box, Opening file/folder from Explorer or other software, software installation, system shutdown/start, application or system crash, network connection/ disconnection and more... You can easily copy the log to clipboard and then paste into Excel or other software.




What do these Windows error code mean?

Windows Error Lookup Tool lets you do exactly what the name implies, easily lookup those cryptic windows error messages in an easy to use app to find out what they mean.




My system restore will not work, what can I do?

System Restore Manager is a freeware portable utility which allows you to completely manage your Windows system restore points and customize its options.




"My coffee holder is broken on my PC."

"You know, you push the button and the coffee holder tray comes out. It's not working."