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It's every computer user's worst nightmare. Suddenly your computer crashes. All your hard work, treasured photos, emails, and ongoing projects, countless files are lost, gone into cyber space.  “I’ve been there", admits Kathy Taylor, owner of Kat's Techs. "It's the worst." happily Kathy and her partner, Bryan Meade, can usually help PC users recover their lost files, and more importantly peace of mind. They are also Pros at removing Viruses, spyware & adware.


Being the leading service providers in the Dallas area for PC, Mac and Android worlds, we can help where others may not.


Joe said,

"All the other computer shops said my computer couldn't be brought back to life; Kat did the impossible and got it working again." Finally, one less thing to worry about. Ask for Kat when you call (570) 809-9175 and she'll take care of you.


Dawn said,

"My computer needed cleaned, it wouldn't even open emails without a long wait. Kathy found a virus and removed it, cleaned my computer, and now its running like new. Thanks Kat!"


Jim said,

"I tried everything, and still could not get my home office fax working. I called Kat's Techs, and Kat came to my home office and did a complete setup of my fax/printer in no time. I am thankful I didn't have to loss anymore time waiting for an appointment."



Contact Us:

Call (570) 255-4016 or (570) 262-6048

Email: k.taylor@katstechs.com